Reviews & Testimonials From Our Awesome Clients

Ruben D.

I was a member of LA fitness for a while which is down the street because I thought I would enjoy using the pool and basketball court. I barely used either. LA is your average crowded gym. I’ve also had issues with the crowd that goes to LA and the staff were sometimes unprofessional and rude.

I felt my gains were easier to achieve while at Profitness because people are serious about getting an efficient workout and actually know what they are doing there, so you can count on equipment not being hogged. Don’t let that discourage you if you are a begginer though, the crowd at PF are very friendly as was the staff. And I started lifting here but never felt embarassed. This gym is open 24 hrs and had tanning beds when I was there, not sure if it still is.

I go to 24 hr fitness in Westwood Village now, only because it is the closest of the three but I think overall if I were given the choice to choose a gym regardless of distance I’d go with Pro Fitness. My experience there has been great plus it feels good knowing my money is supporting a family owned business.

Ruben D.

Kevin M. Biloxi, MS

Had a great workout here. I was in town for a few days for business and needed a place better than my hotel gym. Found these guys here on yelp and had a wonderful workout. Staff and owner was very friendly and welcoming. Place was laid out very effectively and very clean. Weights and equipment were neatly set up and overall environment was great. Definitely coming back next time I’m in town. $15 for a day pass was well worth it.

Joanne T. Renton, WA

I’ve been a member at LA Fitness but want to check out what it is like at a smaller gym. I walked into Pro Fitness and was greeted by Nicole who was so awesome!! She showed us the facility which I can say is clean with well kept equipment and also with some fitness equipment I’ve never seen at LA Fitness. Nicole definitely did her part in letting us know how the gym runs. & the nice thing is you get it at an affordable price with 24 hour access. 🙂

Mike P. Seattle, WA

I have known the owner for over 25 years and he is committed to fitness. The place is clean and they keep up on machine maintenance. The staff is very friendly and attentive. I like that they are open 24/7 and you can usually get in a workout without having to wait for people to stop texting while on a bench or taking three different weights off to another part of the gym. This is why I left LA Fitness.

Millisent U. Kent, WA

Love this gym! I’ve been a member for over a year. Friendly staff, new equipment and a very clean facility. I attended their elite group training event a couple weeks ago and got try out a few of their classes. The TRX is definitely now my new favorite equipment and can’t wait to attend another class. The trainers are full of energy and very informative. If you’re looking for a gym I highly recommend checking this place out, you won’t be dissapointed!

Skyler Conner

Such a great gym! I love working out here, small and friendly, great members and staff alike. It may be on the smaller side but never feels crowded or low on space. Highly recommended.

Niko Niedo

First off, the management here has been so easy to deal with! Nicole wad my main contact for anything i needed from payment issues to general questions! She was always willing to help out!

Secondly, Facilities has always been clean and the equipment is easy to use! my workout schedule is all over the place, so having this 24 hour gym make it easy for me to get a workout in. Look no further for a low key, 24 hour facility!

Amy Chin

The perks of going to a small gym is that you can count on them having quality staff compared with a huge commercial gym. Nicole at the front desk is the sweetest.

Another reason I wrote this review was because of the HUGE amount of help I received from Donovan. He goes out of his way to help anyone he can. He taught me self defense and break dancing. If that’s not dedication to his members, I don’t know what is. He’s efficient and straight to the point. If you’re looking for someone to baby you, he’s not the guy. If you’re looking to learn more in a day than you will in some class, this is your guy!

Jimmy Perkins

Great gym . Well managed, clean, friendly, and professional. I was initially impressed with Nicole, one of the gyms vets, and her charming customer service skills. She got me in the door for the next year. Over the last few weeks I feel it’s a gym I can be focused on getting my blooding pumping, as well as releasing a bit of aggression on my body and out of my mind . Thanks to everyone their that maintains the building/grounds.

Anamarie Pagan

It’s amazing to have found this gym in burien! You can chose to have a 24 hour access or “staff hours” access. They have the newest and greatest machines. I love the fact that there is a trail or view on the screen when I run on the treadmill. Also Nicole has been very awesome with customer service! She has offered classes to reach fitness goals! Also a steam room is available here