Steam bathing is not just goof for relaxation, it is also great for your health! Regular use of the steam room can help improve your health and appearance. At Pro Fitness we offer top of line steam rooms in our men’s and women’s locker rooms.


*Weight Loss: Steam bathing is very good for closing fat cells, this helps promote weight loss.

*Respiratory Health: Steam bathing improves lung function. Steam works better than a vaporizer or sauna because it exposes your lungs to more steam. Steam baths have been proven effective for conditions such as: asthma, bronchitis,  and allergies.

*Clear Skin: Steam bathing helps clear out pours far better than any exfoliate and increases blood flow, which allows more oxygen and nutrients to make it to your skin, this is what helps give your skin a healthy glow.

*Lymph Detoxification:Steam bathing is great for flushing out toxins from the body.

*Muscle and Joint Pain: Steam bathing relieves muscle tension and helps stiff joints.

*Immune System: Steam bathing boosts the immune system.

*Sinus Congestion: Steam bathing helps to clear mucus and allergens from the lungs.

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Get in shape without Breaking
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