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Our Amenities

We’ve spared no expense equipping our Burien fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment and luxurious amenities. Pro Fitness is a gym that believes in positivity and encouragement. This is translated into the equipment we purchase for our members. As part of our community, you gain access to some of the best workout equipment and machines available. Additionally, you’re invited to join our classes and personal training programs to make the most of your membership. When you need to relax, take advantage of our steam room and clean, spacious locker rooms with private showers.

Woman performing cardio exercise on the treadmill at ProFitness gym in Burien

Professional Training Equipment and Machines

Enjoy our facility stocked full of high-quality equipment. With plenty of space and machines, you won’t have to wait for your turn. We have all types of equipment.

Cardio Equipment

Pro Fitness offers some of the best cardio equipment, such as:


Life Fitness Elevation Series: A premium cardio line that combines appealing design with entertainment-rich console options to keep exercisers engaged while running or walking. The evolving technology employed by Elevation Series treadmills allows exercisers to benefit from fitness apps and wearables and maintain the level of digital connection they’ve come to expect.

Stride Trainer

Life Fitness Platinum Club Series FlexStrider: This machine is equipped with WhisperStride Technology for an almost noise-less workout experience that requires little to no maintenance. There are 26 levels of resistance to choose from, which are accessible via the console or the in-handle resistance controls located on the moving arms, and the adjustable stride offers an impressive stride length of up to 36”. Another unique feature of this machine is the FitPower(TM) Display that combines speed, resistance and stride length to determine the total energy output so you can save energy and workout in a more efficient way.

Upright Exercise Bike

Life Fitness Elevation Series Lifecycle: Premium cardio equipment that combines appealing design with entertainment-rich console options to keep exercisers engaged while riding. Users benefit from the comfort provided by an adjustable padded seat and Wide Ride pedals. Deluxe racing handlebars let exercisers choose positioning for relaxed rides or more intense pedaling. The evolving technology of Elevation Series upright bikes allows exercisers to benefit from fitness apps and wearables and maintain the level of digital connection they’ve come to expect.

Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Life Fitness Elevation Series: A premium elliptical cross-trainer that combines expert biomechanics, a natural-feeling motion and quiet operation. Extensive biomechanics research has created an elliptical workout where every stride feels smooth and comfortable. The result is an inviting, low-impact cardio option for a wide range of exercisers.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Life Fitness Elevation Series: The premium Elevation Series Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bike is for exercisers who prefer a seated position and enhanced engagement. The easy step-through design makes it suitable for all exercisers. A variety of intuitive console choices provide entertainment, workout tracking and detailed product use information.

Indoor Spin Bike

Life Fitness IC6 Indoor Cycle: The IC6 Indoor Cycle utilizes a powerful full-color WattRate® TFT computer, self-powered by the bike’s generator, to provide the meaningful connection of exercisers to their workout. This interaction includes data exchange between devices and the Coach By Color® intensity guide.

Indoor Rower

Concept 2 Model E: The number of muscles used makes rowing a huge calorie burner. With rowing, you can achieve superb aerobic fitness and core strength. You will tone your upper and lower body while promoting great joint health through the wide range of motion rowing requires. If you have only a few minutes a day to exercise, the whole body nature of rowing will provide an efficient, effective workout that other exercises simply can’t.

Strength Machines

Pro Fitness offers top of the line selectorized and cable motion machines such as:

Strength Equipment

Hammer Strength & Life Fitness Insignia Series: Some equipment includes: Chest Press, Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid, Lat Pulldown, Back Row.

Life Fitness Signature Series Multi Jungle: The Signature Series MJ8 is a multi-faceted piece of equipment that can be customized with various add-ons, configurations and setups to provide exercisers with nearly limitless workout variety. Allowing up to eight exercisers at once, the MJ8 is perfect for group training. Cable Motion™ Technology employs user-defined paths of motion that allow for a nearly endless variety of strength training options that builds balance, stability, and power.

Free Weights

Build and tone muscle with our top of the Line Equipment by Hammer Strength, Icarian and Iron Grip.

Functional Training

Pro Fitness carries all the equipment our members need for functional Training such as: Kettlebells, Tires, Medicine balls, Slam Balls, TRX, Battling Ropes, Plyo Boxes, Fitness Bugarian Bag and more.

Agility and Speed Training

Pro Fitness has a dedicated area with artificial grass for all your agility and speed training needs with equipment such as: Pro Bounder, Step Riser and Platforms, Agility Grid System, adjustable hurdles, lateral endurance hurdle, speed discs and speed cones.

Gym members checking in at the front desk of the best gym in Burien ProFitness

Join a Class

Along with our equipment, we staff a helpful and friendly team of personal trainers to help you be your best. We offer classes and programs such as:

Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes are designed to keep you on your toes! We want to keep you guessing – each class is designed to be different and push you out of your comfort zone! We will challenge you every class! Our goal is to offer encouragement rather than intimidation. We want you to have tons of fun – but be prepared for some high intensity training!

Woman weight lifting at ProFitness gym Burien
Personal Training

Our personal trainers are all certified, highly-trained fitness experts. Our personal training programs are designed to empower you and help you meet your goals. It doesn’t matter if your focus is on weight loss, fitness training, balance and flexibility, speed and stamina or all of the above. We’ll create a custom plan just for you. We will provide a fun and constantly evolving path to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Our goal is to motivate, educate and ultimately to help you look and feel better. Regardless of your primary motivation to begin an exercise program, our personal trainers can design a safe and effective plan with your specific needs in mind.

For maximum results, many of our members choose to perform a series of personal training sessions. You’ll get more than just a great exercise program. Our staff will help you improve your body composition, strength, endurance, flexibility, stress level and many other key factors that will help you look better and feel better every day. If you are ready to take the next step, schedule a session today.

Luxurious Amenities

Your fitness center experience doesn’t stop when you end your workout. We have all types of amenities in our gym to pamper you, such as:

Steam Room

End your workout by stepping into our sauna for detoxification, increased metabolism, weight loss, increased blood circulation, pain reduction, antiaging, skin rejuvenation, improved cardiovascular function, improved immune function, improved sleep, stress management and relaxation. Why go anywhere else when you can come to Pro Fitness with a sauna?

Locker Rooms

At Pro Fitness, our goal is to provide you with the comforts of home so that regular workouts will fit seamlessly into your routine. Our Locker Rooms are exceptionally spacious and clean. For relaxation purposes, each locker room has its own sauna, and private showers.

Kids Club

Pro Fitness makes it easy for families to balance work, health and parenting. Our experienced and passionate staff will help you and your children have a relaxed experience while you’re enjoying the club. While you’re here to work out, or participating in your favorite group exercise class, our Kids Club provides a safe, fun and nurturing environment for your child. We believe in playing, teaching, reading, and stimulating your child’s mind. Your children will enjoy a room filled with toys, books, games, music, and socializing opportunities with other kids.

InBody 570 Advanced Analysis

Pro Fitness has added another tool to help you in your health and fitness journey. Within 45 seconds the InBody 570 can give you insightful information.The InBody 570 body composition analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water, values important for understanding a user’s fluid distribution in medical, wellness and fitness contexts.

InBody 570

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At Pro Fitness, we cater to all fitness levels. We believe that everyone deserves a fun and inviting environment to exercise in. We strive to provide that for our members at every step of the experience. Come visit our fitness center today to learn about our facility. We love meeting new people and chatting about their health and fitness goals and how we can help them achieve those goals.

Pro Fitness – It’s for Everybody!