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I freaking love this gym, definitely my favorite. I always get a bomb workout, and everybody is so friendly. It's awesome :)


This gym is smaller than most chain gyms, but they are well stocked with equipment and machines. I was very impressed when I first signed up. The owner is super friendly and it's never crowded!


Lol I live here
Awesome gym, Don and his family are awesome. I’ve learned a lot from them.
No BS straightforward people
If you want to get away from the commercial gyms where there are groups of highschool kids almost snapping their joints hyping eachother up to bench 2 plates
This is the place for you.
No interruptions, no one stealing your machine
Has pretty much every machine you need
Nice and clean
Members are cool as well
No loud screamers
Except maybe me Lol


First off, the management here has been so easy to deal with! Nicole wad my main contact for anything i needed from payment issues to general questions! She was always willing to help out!
Secondly, Facilities has always been clean and the equipment is easy to use! my workout schedule is all over the place, so having this 24 hour gym make it easy for me to get a workout in. Look no further for a low key, 24 hour facility!


I like how the equipment is up to date. The equipment is clean and easy to use. Nicole has been a great help with pushing me to reach my goal during the circuit session. It’s a welcoming environment and I feel like I can come here on a daily basis.


I joined Pro Fitness in August 2019, and so far I’ve been really pleased. While the building isnt *huge*, it has been thoughtfully filled it with all the equipment you could possibly need to get or stay in shape. The facility is always spotless, and equipment that goes down is repaired in a timely manner. It’s rarely crowded, and everyone I’ve encountered has been polite and respectful. Membership includes towel service—but they only provide smaller towels, so if you intend to shower you may want to bring a full sized one.
Don, the proprietor, is usually on-site during office hours, and he is one of the friendliest guys I’ve ever met.
I was tired of the craziness at LA Fitness around the corner, and am glad to have found this locally-owned gym.


The perks of going to a small gym is that you can count on them having quality staff compared with a huge commercial gym. Nicole at the front desk is the sweetest.
Another reason I wrote this review was because of the HUGE amount of help I received from Donovan. He goes out of his way to help anyone he can. He taught me self defense and break dancing. If that’s not dedication to his members, I don’t know what is. He’s efficient and straight to the point. If you’re looking for someone to baby you, he’s not the guy. If you’re looking to learn more in a day than you will in some class, this is your guy!


Convenient location for me, 24 hours is a big plus since I have a varied work schedule, this is definitely the cleanest gym I've ever used.


Such a great gym! I love working out here, small and friendly, great members and staff alike. It may be on the smaller side but never feels crowded or low on space. Highly recommended.


Gym has good equipment. The gym owners are very encouraging toward everyone. The gym is clean and well maintained.


I've been a member at LA Fitness but want to check out what it is like at a smaller gym. I walked into Pro Fitness and was greeted by Nicole who was so awesome!! She showed us the facility which I can say is clean with well kept equipment and also with some fitness equipment I've never seen at LA Fitness. Nicole definitely did her part in letting us know how the gym runs. & the nice thing is you get it at an affordable price with 24 hour access. :)


Pro Fitness – It’s for Everybody!