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Why Choose Pro Fitness?

Whether you’re a dedicated gym rat, spending every possible moment working out, or a weekend warrior who enjoys staying healthy in their free time, you have a decision to make for your gym. There are plenty of fitness centers in Burien, WA, but only one cares for you as much as Pro Fitness. We employ an inviting and knowledgeable staff to ensure a positive attitude and a welcoming environment. We’re not only obsessed with signing up new members like big-name gyms. We care about our members, making sure to offer them personalized advice and plenty of amenities. We’re a team dedicated to making the most for our members. Learn about why you can feel comfortable choosing Pro Fitness as your Burien gym. Schedule your tour today. We look forward to showing you around our facility.

ProFitness Burien gym members smiling for a group photo

Meet Our Team

At Pro Fitness, you can expect respect, encouragement, and positive energy every time you come in for a workout. We’re passionate about helping people achieve their health goals and lose weight. Overcoming your goals and feeling a change in your health is a fantastic experience we want every member to be able to achieve. We promote positivity and cleanliness with fair pricing. Our family-owned and -operated health & wellness center is staffed by a caring group and has the latest in equipment and amenities. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping members get excited about their health.

Cleanliness and Modern Amenities

Providing a safe and clean environment for our community to work out is at the top of our priority list. We routinely clean and sanitize every inch of our facility on a strict schedule. Cleanliness has always been a highlight of Pro Fitness, but it’s imperative now. We take our members’ safety critically. You can’t enjoy working out if you aren’t comfortable in your gym. So, you can trust that we’ve followed strict procedures and maintain social distancing while getting in shape. If you have any questions or concerns about our cleaning and safety rules, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We love chatting with prospective members about our passion for creating a safe and encouraging fitness environment.

Pro Fitness – It’s for Everybody!